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Investment in robots at Jæren really started in 1963, when Jæren Automasjonsselskap and Ole Molag decided to develop an industrial robot. This led to the setting up of Trallfa Robot, with the intention of starting production of painting robots. The first professional robot was exported in 1969. Since then, the company and robot have become leaders on the world stage, with licensed production starting in Japan and the USA as early as 1972.
In 1985, the company was sold to ABB, and growing demand in Asia led to production moving to China in 2009.
RobotNorge AS was set up on 1 October 2003 and is the sole distributor of ABB’s total robot programme in Norway. The core of our employees previously worked at ABB Robotics in Bryne.
Our vision is to play an active part in creating a profitable manufacturing industry in Norway. We do this using over 30 years’ experience in the sale, planning, installation and service of automation solutions for Norwegian industry using robots as the natural focus.
We can offer a broad spectrum of ABB robots and related services for all industrial automation processes. The products are supplied as integrated system solutions, project managed by us or our partners.
In addition to selling products and related services, we also operate an installation base of more than 1,100 robots in Norway and work extensively with our customers on upgrades, training and service.

Jean-Marc Launay
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