RobotNorge has been investing in advanced robotic welding since 2003, and has laid the foundation for a national skills centre for robotising the welding process.
In RobotNorge, welding with robotic systems is a focus area. Ever since 1993, when Esab Automation’s robotics department was acquired and integrated in ABB Robotics’ product line, and Esab’s robotic welding specialists formed the core of this organisation, the ABB robot has been a market leader in Norway within welding. So far, more than 200 robotic welding systems with ABB robots have been installed in Norway.
In April 2013, ABB Robotics entered into a cooperation with Fronius on joint marketing of robots with Fronius welding equipment. A local effect of this is that two pilot plants are being installed, one with RobotNorge at Klepp and a corresponding robot system in Fronius Norge’s offices in Hokksund. These plants will be used for demonstrations, for testing welds on companies’ products, exploring various welding methods and training.
This focus will make it considerably easier for customers that are considering investments in robotic automation. It will ensure in-depth training of the customers’ operators, and also make sure that the latest news on this front is always available for demonstration. The most important factor for customers will be access to expert service personnel from both RobotNorge and Fronius Norge AS. With this focus, customers will have easier and quicker access to welding expertise and upgrade of their existing plants.
RobotNorge has therefore laid the foundation for a national expertise centre for robotic welding.
RobotNorge has a corresponding expertise centre for robotic painting systems in Malmø in Sweden. The subsidiary in Malmø, RobNor AB, already services major quality-conscious customers such as Volvo VCE and Scania. Complete robotic lines that can alternate between 400 colours within the shortest cycle times are currently being installed in Scania Lastvagnar AB.
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