We deliver solutions
RobotNorge has over 30 years’ experience in the sale, planning, installation and service of automation solutions for Norwegian industry using robots as the natural focus.
Our project department always stays up-to-date through dialogues and cooperation with companies on new and ongoing projects and installation of new systems. This provides us with unique experience within the possibilities and constraints of using robots.
We have sound expert knowledge in packing, palletising, service of machines, handling, sanding, painting, welding and assembly, to mention some applications.
Our engineers share the assignments, and always cooperate to utilise each worker’s special expertise. Our own background from ABB still allows us to seek support from their experts and to share their experience from other countries.
We have ensured that this takes place as efficiently now as when we were part of ABB. If you have automation in the works, we can provide consulting assistance with factory planning. We currently have the market’s best planning tool for robots and can use 3D to visualise layouts with cycle times, types of solutions, number of robots, space-saving, profitability calculations, etc.
Our well-equipped test facilities enable you to test your ideas and solution proposals with us.
With more than 1 000 ABB industrial robots installed in Norwegian industry, we possess a unique expertise. We have broad-based experience from nearly all industries and with a large number of different applications. This is valuable expertise that could benefit you with regard to implementation of automation solutions.
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