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There is a long tradition of painting using robots. RobotNorge AS is currently the company that is moving this technology forward in Norway.
The first robot developed for painting was made by Trallfa Robot in Bryne. Development started as early as 1963, and the first industrial version was produced in 1969 and sold to Gustavsberg in Sweden.
Ever since, this robot has developed into a market leader and is currently exported to all industrialised countries in the world. From 1985, ABB continued this robot in its product line, and production has moved from Bryne to China.
There is no longer just one robot model, but several versions that are specially adapted to the market’s most significant applications, whether this is painting of passenger cars, trucks, bumpers, mobile telephones, computers, window frames, doors, furniture, etc. The unique factor about ABB’s painting robots is that they are complete painting machines with integrated colour exchange, control of pressure and stroke. A computer directly communicates with the robot’s motion motors, enabling lightning-fast calculation of the spray trajectory, and the number of spray gun pulses. The programme tools are specially made and integrated with the robot’s control system. Painting programmes can be made “offline” and are directly uploaded to the robot. This makes it easy to control quality and manage paint consumption.
Today, RobotNorge AS is the company that is furthering this technology in Norway, and the affiliated company RobNor AB in Malmø is continuing this in the rest of the Nordic region. As a customer, you can come to us with questions regarding robotic painting. We have delivered robotic painting systems to quality-conscious customers such as Ekornes for production of Stressless chairs, to Nordan and Frekkhaug Vinduer for painting of doors and window frames, to Plastal at Raufoss for painting bumpers for cars and several other reputable customers. In RobNor, Scania and Volvo are among the largest customers.
When choosing robots for industrial processes, there is always a question of how broad to go with so-called vertical integration, as complete factory buildings or just complete robotic equipment. RobNor AB has chosen robots with spray equipment and paint control, and provides this through all spray painting cabinet suppliers. Thirty years of international experience with ABB painting robots shows that the cutting edge expertise regarding the actual robotic solution is more easily kept up-to-date without own production of spray painting cabinets and the logistics surrounding this.
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