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RobotNorge has long experience of matching the industry’s enthusiasm for developing profitable production.  It was not until the automotive industry chose to outsource automotive components that the use of robots really came to the forefront.  This was probably because the suppliers of automotive parts specialised in a limited number of products which they offered to all the automotive factories in the world. This afforded them the benefits of economies of scale and allowed them to exploit the true potential of using robots for mass production.
At the end of the 1980s, ABB and, later, RobotNorge invested in this wave and almost became the sole supplier to the Norwegian automotive parts manufacturing industry.  Several hundred ABB robots were supplied to companies such as Farsund Automotive Casting, Hydro Structure Aluminium, Fundo Aluminium, Steertech, Raufoss Technology, Plastal, KA Automotive, Fibo and several others.
There has been a new wave since the turn of the century, with Tine Meierier and Gilde/Nortura beginning their process of robotisation in earnest. This wave was also led by ABB robots. 
In 2005, the solar cell industry made inroads in Norway. REC and Elkem Solar consistently use over 90% ABB robots in their seven factories.
And now, since 2010, the offshore industry has come onto the scene.  RobotNorge would like to be part of this wave.  So far, not many robots have been involved, but this makes the tasks that they solve all the more important – and more profitable for customers.  ABB and RobotNorge are working closely together to secure the right technology for innovative applications.  We would mention the unique knowledge that ABB has gained over 40 years with Ex-safe [sm1] robots, the work that has been done on the development of robots for outdoor use, and – vital in oil-related industries – the large range of products that ABB is able to offer for low batch production.
With all this experience, it is fair to say that RobotNorge is pushing back the boundaries.  We have an almost limitless capacity for innovation.  Our engineers can design robot cells for the most spectacular applications.
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