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Robots are already well established in traditional mechanical industries such as foundries, sheet metal working, automotive parts manufacture, agricultural machinery and construction machinery.  Here, most types of applications can be found for small and large robots alike. The smallest robots handle a maximum weight of 3 kg, while the largest can handle up to 700 kg.
The robots are extremely precise, with a deviation of less than 0.5 mm at full speed and at the far edge of the working area. The robots are also extremely reliable and are designed to operate for 80,000 hours without a fault. 
This is of course provided that the recommended maintenance is performed. If you are buying a complete robot cell, you do not generally need to worry about the robot’s reliability.
Special tools supplied with the ABB robots make it easy to robotise small batch production.  Currently, small batch production is the growth market. With its 3D vision, the robot itself is able to organise the best possible production rhythm.  The robot’s power control can guide a grinder or miller on tracks using constant pressure against the surface.  The robots can be supplied in a “clean room” version, specially made to be washed down daily with soap or solvents.  Robots like these are extremely waterproof in all movable joints.  There are also special robots for dusty environments, as well as for welding, painting, milling, etc. 
Once the choice has been made to opt for robotisation, the road to improving the production flow is a short one.  For this reason, the return on investments with robots is significantly higher than the cost of freeing up the labour force. 
The quality of the goods produced is improved without exception, and production 24 hours a day is possible while monitoring the robot cell from a PC at home or in the office. Most important are the opportunities for increasing the rate of production, which enables bigger customer orders to be taken on.  This is of particular interest in project-based industry, but also when there is an unexpected demand for a newly developed product. It is about being in a position to manufacture what the market is demanding.  Listen to the automotive industry.

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