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The focal point of the food industry in Norway is in Jæren.  RobotNorge is located in Jæren, and we have shown that the robotisation of food production is very profitable.  This applies to the entire value chain, from farm operations to the packaging of portions for supermarket chains.  In 2012, RobotNorge robotised the new large-scale dairy that Tine is building in Kviamarka in Jæren.
Tine is centralising its cheese and butter production. Tine’s central store at Klepp Stasjon has been modernised and fully automated with ABB robots.  Fjordkjøkken produces complete, ready-prepared meals in vacuum-packed plastic bags.  Robotisation was a huge challenge, but RobotNorge took on the job. 
We use ABB Robotics’ large spectrum of products. Palletising using large robots that can take weights up to 700 kg, or the picking of small bags from conveyor belts using the ABB Flexpicker, which is equipped with a vision camera system.  ABB has an overall product spectrum specially developed for the manufacture of open food. In the fish farming industry, it is now entirely commonplace to palletise fish boxes using ABB robots.  Other applications are under development.  Marine Harvest is an important customer for us.  Their abattoirs and packaging plants are to a large extent equipped with ABB robots.

Robotisation at Tine’s central store, Klepp Stasjon.
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