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If there are any industries that have grown over the years on the principle of building brick by brick, it is the woodwork, building materials and furniture industries. 
Much of this industry can be found on the coast of Norway, from Halden to Trondheim.  Both Glava and Rockwool make use of ABB robots.  At NorDan in Moi, we installed robotic systems for priming and applying the top coat to window frames with glazing bars. 
Using the vision system, the robot is able to read the size and form of the frame and automatically generate the programme for the window in question. This method allows optimal use to be made of the conveyor, and an increase of up to 40% can be achieved in the number of windows produced. 
Robots are also used in the manufacturing of foundation elements.  A number of kitchen manufacturers believe that they would never have been able to deliver high-quality high-gloss cupboard doors without using painting robots.  Ekornes is a major user of robots in the furniture industry – around 80 in total. There you will find, among other things, ABB robots staining and painting the bases of the Stressless chairs.  With a clock time of 2 minutes, this takes little time.


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